Sunday Volunteers


Crisis Management Team

When hundreds of people gather for worship, emergencies sometimes arise. When this happens, the CMT volunteers are the first to respond. This may be a medical emergency or another pressing issue. The CMT is also response for general safety on the property during the worship services. If you have a medical or law enforcement background, we ask you to consider offering your services.

Contact person:  Teresa McCrary - 638-4818.


First  impressions  are  important.  Our   greeters  are  positioned at all main doors of our church building and Family Life Center to welcome everyone to worship. Everyone is welcome to volunteer.

Contact person:  Vickie Berquist- 416-3353.



Ushers serve the church through the collection of tithes and offerings. They also make themselves available for questions, to help with seating, and to aid the behind-the-scenes activities of the worship service. Everyone is welcome to volunteer.

Contact person:   Teresa McCrary- 638-4818.


Worship has been defined as,  “the reaction we give back to God for who He is.”  Those reactions can manifest in many ways within our lives, and especially in our worship services. Whether you are an accomplished singer or simply a person who loves to sing, we invite you to join the sanctuary choir. Choir practice is on Wednesday nights at 6:30p in the choir room.

Contact person:  Jessica Ricker, choir director - 620-4458.


Nursery Care

We love our children and consider them a gift from God. Currently there are two nurseries on Sunday mornings-- a newborn nursery and a toddler nursery. If you are interested in learning more about serving in this area of ministry please let us know. A background check will be required.

Contact person:  Jennifer Harrell, children’s ministry steward- 341-0718.



Campus Volunteers


Vehicle Driver Ministry

We have three vehicles that are used for various types of ministry.  Vehicles are listed with the licenses required to drive:

Regular license Class C: CDL Class B: CDL
  Passenger endorsement  Airbrake & passenger endorsement
  State registered     State Self-Certification Affidavit
  Self-Certification Affidavit  


  • Drivers must be 21 - 70 years of age.  Special consideration may be obtained for under age 21 and over age 70, if needed.
  • Drivers on the list may be asked to drive for youth trips, Joy Group outings and overnights, or other ministries needing transportation.
  • If you happen to have any of these licenses, and would like to be included on our driver’s call list, contact the church office.

Contact person:  Teresa McCrary - 638-4818.


Library Ministry

The church library is located on the right in the narthex at the entrance to our church.  We have  books, CD’s, DVD’s, articles, and church historical items.  The congregation uses a self-serve check-in and check- out system.    It is requested that users take items for no more than 2 weeks, to  allow  others  to  take  advantage of  what is available.  The library is presently in need of an overseer.  If you would like to work in the library, please contact the church office at.

Contact person:  Teresa McCrary - 620-3534.


Landscaping Ministry

This team cares for all the plants (inside and out), landscaping, and the exterior campus. If you love working (or playing) in the garden or doing outside projects, check out serving opportunities available to volunteers. Volunteers are invited to maintain plants, beautify the church grounds.

Contact person:  Teresa McCrary - 620-3534.


Decorating Ministry

We  have a Decorating Committee that provides seasonal floral arranging, and décor for the sanctuary, Welcome Center, and narthex.Perhaps you may have a gift for this type of serving the church.

Contact person:  Carolyn Hartman - 639-3124.


Ministry Volunteers


Funeral Dinner Ministry                 

The Funeral  Dinner Ministry provides a funeral dinner to those who were regular attenders, and their immediate family members, i.e., mother, father, child, husband, wife, stepparents, and stepchildren.

Please let  you would like to be called to provide food items for these dinners.

Contact person:  Carol Fellers - 422-7229.


Wednesday Night Meals

Wednesday Night Meals Ministry takes place in the Family Life Center from 5:00 - 6:15 pm. 

A delicious home-cooked meal is served to families who will be attending our Wednesday evening services.  We also offer delivery to shut-ins in our congregation.

A suggestion donation of $3 for plate meals, and $3 for salad bar, or $5 for both, is requested.

The meals are provided September - May, with no meals during the summer months.

This is a great time of fellowship together.  Don’t have to worry about cooking, just come out, and enjoy the time with family and friends.

This ministry could also be considered a service ministry.  They need help to set-up tables and chairs, serve the food, take meals to our shut-ins, and take down tables and chairs.

Contact person:  Christy Shelton - 552-8298.


Prayer Chain Ministry

Prayer  changes  things.  Prayer  changes   lives   and  circumstances.  We believe in the power of prayer here at First Church.  Along with prayer groups, we also have a Prayer Chain.

The Prayer Chain consists of many volunteers who agree to call each other to pray for a specific need.  There are approximately 75 participants on the prayer chain.

The leader, Betty Lamb is the first one to contact.  If someone has a prayer request need, they call Betty, who in turn, calls the other teams, and they call their members. 

The result is many people praying for the needs of our congregation, or others we may not even know.

You may choose to serve on this  ministry, and begin being a prayer warrior along with our other “prayer chain” links.

Contact person:  Betty Lamb  - 638-8286.