The Dunes / The Ridges

   The Dunes

     Ages: Age 4 through Kindergarten

     Time: 10 am  - 11:15 am. Children can be checked in at the station in the main lobby.

      Location: The Dunes room across from the nurseries on the children's hall.

      Pickup: Parents will pick up from Dunes room.

Various activities are planned specifically for this age group.  Because of  their short attention span, the teachers tell Bible stories, make small crafts, sing, and play energy-releasing games. Children, even though young, can begin to know the loving Jesus that created them.  Learning on their simple level is the first step to planting the roots, that one day hopefully and prayerfully will result in their salvation. Knowing your child, or children, are in a loving, learning, and fun environment allows you to worship without distractions or loss of focus. This class is taught by a rotation of teachers under the supervision of the director of children’s ministry.  


    The Ridges

      Age: 1st through 6th grades

      Time: 10:00 am  - 11:15 am. Children are either checked in at the station in the main lobby or the Family Life Center.

       Location: Junior Church room, across from the nurseries on the children’s ministry hallway.

       Pickup:  Parents will pick up from the Family Life Center.

A fun, fast-paced curriculum is used to grasp their attention while teaching life applications.  Music, games, and drama are also used. It is a tool to prepare them for the youth group when they turn 12 years of age. Junior Church is primarily led by Sara Aiken, director of children’s ministries who can be reached at 423-833-8738.