The Journey (College Ministry)



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Our young adult ministry is called "The Journey" because faith is a process.  There is no end or "arrival;" there's no level when you know everything about God and are the perfect Christian-- at least, not in this life.  Rather, life will change-- and so will your understanding and relationship with God as your experiences shape where God is leading you.  As author M. Robert Mulholland Jr. says,

"When spirituality is viewed as a journey... the way to spiritual wholeness is seen to lie in an increasingly faithful response to the One whose purpose shapes our path, whose grace redeems our detours, whose power liberates us from crippling bondages of the prior journey and whose transforming presence meets us at each turn in the road. In other words, holistic spirituality is a pilgrimage of deepening responsiveness to God's control of our life and being."  

Whether you are transitioning out of high school, in college figuring out what career path you want to take, or just trying to find your place in the world, we hope that our young adult ministry helps you ask the right questions and figure out what it takes to walk with God throughout your whole life.