Church of God Bible Institute

A Biblical Education for God’s People Today

Training Ministers and Laity in Biblical Knowledge and Leadership

The Church of God Bible Institute offers an affordable, two-year course of studies designed to prepare those who are called to the Ministry and leadership in the church.  Virtually everyone that desires a deeper understanding of the Bible and the doctrines on which the Church of God is built will find this course of studies beneficial.  In structuring the classes online in six-week intervals adults will find the course of studies flexible and more easily adaptable to their lifestyles.


Two- Year Course of Studies

Year One

100  Study the Bible

101  Old Testament Survey

102  New Testament Survey

103  Systematic Theology I: God, Man, and Salvation

104  Systematic Theology II: Sanctification

105  Systematic Theology III: The Nature of the Church

106  Mission and Role of Leadership in the Church

Year Two

200  The Second Coming of Christ & Revelation

201  The History of the Church of God

202  Living with Integrity

203  Preaching*

204  Pastoral Counseling*

205  Pastoral Ministry*

*  Electives may be substituted for non-ministerial students

Order of classes may be subject to change

Electives for Leadership


The last three classes: preaching, pastoral counseling, and pastoral ministry are geared primarily for those in pastoral ministry, though any student may take them. We are also offering elective classes as follows.


300   The Internet: A Tool for God’s Glory

301   Youth Ministry

302   Teaching Children

303   The Family Altar

304   Sharing Our Faith

305   Mentoring

306   Women in Ministry 

Announcements will be made of other classes added in the future



Questions & Answers

Q:  Is the course of studies offered at the Church of God Bible Institute accredited?
A: The course of studies is non-accredited at this time.  However, you will receive a quality education toward a graduation certificate that you can be proud to earn.


Q: I can’t commit to the whole course of studies.  May I take just one class?
A: Church of God Bible Institute welcomes those who want to enroll for one class as well as those who desire the full course.  


Q: Can I get financial aid?
A: Some scholarships monies are available to help pay the cost of studies.  We also offer liberal payment plans.



Two-year course of studies: $1,300

Individual classes: $100

Note: Cost does not include textbooks.  Students are responsible to purchase their textbooks.


Payment Plans
We will arrange a payment plan tailored to your financial situation or need.  Scholarships are also available.



How To Apply

Prospective Students should apply by printing and fill out out this PDF application form and mailing it to the address listed below. 

For more information, please contact:

Dorothy Hall
Dean of Bible Institute Studies
Phone:      423-783-8988 or 423-638-4818

Church of God Bible Institute
1505 W. Main St.
Greeneville, TN 37743


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