Woodcutter Meals

The Greene County Wood Ministry began in the Fall of   2008.   This ministry provides firewood free of charge  to   anyone   who needs   it  and  could  not otherwise obtain it for themselves.  Many volunteers are needed to make this ministry happen.

In 2010, an agreement was reached with the Sheriff to get a work detail of inmates each Saturday to help with the woodcutting activities, along with other volunteers.  Many of the volunteers have developed relationships with the inmates, and  has  given many young men the opportunity to work closely with role models.  There are several  young  men who  were  formerly inmates now returning  each  Saturday to  volunteer  and  continue helping with this ministry.

Each Saturday, volunteers from local churches prepare breakfast and lunch for the “woodcutters”.  First Church provides lunch for the volunteers on Saturdays during the above designated months.

Workers are needed to help prepare the meal, serve, and cleanup.  It  may  only  take  a short time to make a big difference in someone else’s life.

Contact person:  Virginia Waddell  (423) 470-2325